"I Can't Log In!" And Other Problems

As we transition to our new forum, you may be sitting on the login pages screaming at your computer because it won’t let you log in.

Be sure that you are entering your DISCOURSE password and not using a saved password from Vanilla. If you use your saved forums.29th.org login, it will be your Vanilla password, not your Discourse password.

Make sure to update your saved password when you log in.

This thread will serve as general troubleshooting during the transition.

I made sure to use the same email as before, but I still can’t see the staff office category. I also can’t see some threads in the civilian headquarters category either. This is PFC Boon [Ret.].

My old account was not working at all, created this one with same info as my previous account (I am PFC Sabith formerly of EP2S3)