"I Can't Log In!" And Other Problems

As we transition to our new forum, you may be sitting on the login pages screaming at your computer because it won’t let you log in.

Be sure that you are entering your DISCOURSE password and not using a saved password from Vanilla. If you use your saved forums.29th.org login, it will be your Vanilla password, not your Discourse password.

Make sure to update your saved password when you log in.

This thread will serve as general troubleshooting during the transition.

I made sure to use the same email as before, but I still can’t see the staff office category. I also can’t see some threads in the civilian headquarters category either. This is PFC Boon [Ret.].

My old account was not working at all, created this one with same info as my previous account (I am PFC Sabith formerly of EP2S3)

Hey I’m having the same issue as PFC Boon where I’m not able to view the staff office category, also it lists me as in the honorary discharge group but I’m not discharged anymore.

It was fixed literally the day he posted about it. Maybe don’t post in threads where people are asking for help to be stupid.

I just got here, am chatting w/discobot, and don’t see a ‘like’ button on the picture post or any other. I’m using Chrome. :man_shrugging:

PS Can’t see a ‘like’ button in Edge, either.

While Discourse supports likes, we have them turned off intentionally.

Also Discobot is the Discourse bot that sends you introduction messages and the like, not a real person.

Roger on discobot–was tracking in fact a bot.

So discobot’s script is outdated? Didn’t know if there’s an Easter egg at the end I’m missing out on, but I know how formatting in forums works.

Was and still am a 40-1 clan member in RS2:V, but it’s Europe based, so doesn’t work w/work, ping to their server, etc. anymore, since we moved back to Missouri from Stuttgart. Haven’t seen 29th very active in RS2:V lately. Any thought to a unit to HLL or other WW2 FPS?

Discobot is fully set up by the devs of Discourse and we don’t have any input on what it has in its tutorial unfortunately. Even though we have disabled likes, the tutorial still tries to go through the process of likes. If you want to continue the tutorial, you should be able to skip that step and it should just go on. Otherwise, you can just ignore the messages and it shouldn’t message you again.