IT Learning with Regan

Good morning all. I wanted to start some sort of collaboration and learning group for those of you in the IT/CS field. If anyone is interested in learning more about a variety of topics like networking, servers, linux, software dev, security, WiFi etc then feel free to reach out to me. I’ll be starting a steam group chat for people to discuss projects they may be working on, ask for feedback or any questions that might be had for a particular topic. I will also occasionally post some work from my professional life for discussion. If there is some interest I’ll consider setting up a remote lab that can be accessed if there are any of you that feel like some hands on learning.

Happy tinkering


Hey Regan, Full-time Freelance Technical Director here for Broadcast & Media Systems.

Would appreciate being added to the group.

I am interested, I am currently in college getting a CS degree.

Briefly studied computer technology in college before dropping it after two semesters. I’ll admit I don’t remember much but I wouldn’t mind relearning some stuff so count me in

Data Analyst here, would love to know more about the topics you write above

Embedded system & software engineer student here. Also work in IT & with cars :slight_smile:
Would love to post my own projects and see other people’s projects!

Hey Cpl. Regan,

Just passed the CompTIA Net+, currently studying for my Sec+, tech support by day, electronics, homelab, music & RF enthusiast by night, would love to be a part of the group!

I’ve added you all on steam, once you accept I’ll invite you to the group.

I’ve got a BS in Computer Science with a Software Engineering Specialization. Since the work from home era, I mostly just take naps, but I’d be interested in the group. Thanks

Heyy, I know im a bit late to the party but if the offer is still up then I would love to join this group, im an apprentice in Networking second year in a swiss company