One Year and Six Months of Service (Enrique A. Melero)

Sgt. McArdle

PFC Melero is a machine, simple enough. He is a killing machine when it comes to the use of his AR AIT and he is also a guesting machine that never fails to guest at least one drill a day. Despite being an absolute machine that doesn’t mean PFC Melero has lost his personality and humor. To this day he still jokes around and adds to the culture that is FP2S1. To say the very least, PFC Melero is someone that everyone in leadership hopes to get under them. It’s crazy to see how far PFC Melero was able to go in such a short amount of time here in the 29th. That time being only a year and a half in the unit. Congratulations PFC Melero on getting your 3rd AoCC! I better see you get that rainbow on your jacket in six more months!