One Year and Six Months of Service (Ivan D. Buravkov)

Cpl. Dawdy said:

PFC Buravkov, despite his short time in DP3, has left a lasting impression among the platoon. His ability to adapt to any rifle or submachine gun has proved without a doubt his capabilities as a robust killing machine. Aided by his almost obsessives desire to guest across the entire company, becoming a reliably present gusting member to any squad drill. Outside of drills, PFC Buravkov has joined Dog Comapny’s Ordnance Corp (Pathfinder School before) to provide his skills, knowledge, and tactics for the Company to learn from. Having PFC Bruavkov in DP3S4 has been nothing short of great enjoyment for the squad, as we get to see a side of not only the company but the world that isn’t as well known. Many thanks for your contributions and as always “Stick Around” - Alan “Dutch” Schaefer.


Always a pleasure being in the same drill with you, PFC. Congrats!