One Year and Six Months of Service (Koa D. Andersen)

Cpl. Winston said:

In every squad, there are usually several members who stand out for their unique personalities, and PFC Andersen more than fits that criteria. In practically every situation, PFC Andersen maintains a continuously positive attitude. Because of this, he cements himself as one of the best morale boosters in the squad, as his positivity often has a noticeable impact on his squadmates. In fact, a drill isn’t as memorable nor enjoyable if he isn’t there to boost the collective mood. Outside of his personality, PFC Andersen is also a talented rifleman and now a rising combat engineer, who I have no doubts will ease into the role as easily as he did with his rifle role. So congrats PFC Anderson on one year and six months and here’s to many more!

Congrats PFC Andersen!

you the one who wrote it lmao

His opinion means the most then