One Year and Six Months of Service (Luis R. Neutin)

Cpl. Meerts said:

Despite not having PFC Neutin in my squad for that long, he is already left a strong impression on me. He has fit in great with the rest of the squad, being a solid cog in the clockwork that is our squad’s atmosphere, and our battlefield coordination as well. A man of many talents, I would trust PFC Neutin just as much with a rifle, as an SMG or a variety of explosives. It has been quite the ride for him, being brought along with us into S1 only a month after he joined us in S4. That said, I strongly hope that as a squad, we get to bring him along into many more adventures with us! May this third AOCC be the third in a long list, congratulations, PFC!

So close to the Rainbow! Congratulations PFC