One Year and Six Months of Service (Mattes Wieben)

Cpl. Meerts said:

You can definitely say that PFC Wieben is the kind of member that has left his mark on the unit for all to see. Few men are as deadly in the sky as on the ground, and he has made sure everyone knows it. But that is not what has made him such a notable squad mate in my eyes. PFC Wieben has become such an integral part of his squad, I can hardly imagine how it would be without him. When we talk of how the squad has such a great atmosphere, and how it is a vital foundation for everything we do, it’s because of members like him. Our new privates have someone they can learn from and look up to in PFC Wieben, and our veterans have someone they can share a good joke with, and rely on as well. It may be a typical thing to say, but it really feels surprising that he has only been here long enough to earn his third AOCC! So I will be expecting many more, PFC, and congratulations!

Well done Wieben! Many more to follow I hope

Congratulations PFC Wieben!