One Year and Six Months of Service (Matthew A. Patterson)

Sgt. Zylath said:

This is a bittersweet quote to write. Now Corporal, Patterson is celebrating his near-rainbow AOCC, for 1.5 years in the unit. Back when he first entered, he was part of a large training platoon to be placed in DP3S1. We noticed his leadership capabilities by his first AOCC, and I’ll be damned if he didn’t impress us with them by his second. Now, upon the reception of his third, we in DP3S1 bid farewell and good luck to him. His recent promotion to ASL of DP3S3 means he is officially moving on to bigger and better things. Seeing him go from recruit to PFC to SLT candidate to T/5 and now ASL has been an absolute joy. His passion for improving his squad and innovative battle strategies never once ceased in DP3S1, and I hope that pattern continues in his new squad. Best of luck to you Patterson, go earn those chevrons.

Congrats! Here’s to that rainbow!