One Year and Six Months of Service (Mohamed A. Guerrera)

Cpl. Bukey said:

PFC Guerrera has been around so long that I can’t even talk about his early days and growth in the squad. He’s an experienced, dedicated member that helps hold the squad together. While he now has an AoCC for every squad leader he’s had over the last year, he’s probably run into dozens and dozens of privates. While Guerrera hasn’t gone into formal leadership, he’s helped bring up new members over and over, helping the squad and the 29th as a whole. The reliable, steady PFC is the most under-appreciated part of the 29th, and Guerrera is one of the best. Whether the current condition of the squad is a top rated science fair project or elementary school art, Guerrera is the glue that helps hold it all together. He also likes to blow stuff up, and I trust people who like to blow stuff up. I hope that if the time comes where I must leave the 29th, Guerrera will still be there chugging along and creating flaming piles of metal. Congratulations, Guerrera!

I remember this guy