One Year and Six Months of Service (Munir Ghazali)

Cpl. Lebedev said:

Ghazali, our rocket-welding PFC, has now been in the unit for 1,5 years already, granting him his 3rd AOCC. I would like to congratulate him, wish him an unlimited red curry supply and some juicy, cheesy khachapuris. On to many more, PFC!


Let’s go Ghazali! More shoarmas to come.

Shmzooli + memezooli big man with even more awards now

Great commitment Ghazali :smiley:

Feels like he’s been here for longer … weird. Congrats my friend, hope to see you achieve many more! :saluting_face:

Congrats (stop calling me Brandon)

Congratulations PFC Ghazali!

Thank you guys ! More sleep waiting to be sacrificed :wink:

Yeah I welded my own rockets right instead of wielding it :thinking: