One Year and Six Months of Service (Robert Friedrich)

Cpl. Meerts said:

Ambience and spirit have always been some of the most important and founding elements of a successful squad, and few have contributed so much to the atmosphere of their squad as PFC Friedrich. But while his jokes have become pretty much legendary by now, this man was never content being known by just a few things. Even carving out a solid reputation as a deadly and capable pilot did not satisfy PFC Friedrich, nor was it enough for him to be a devastating force in both drills and pub matches. In fact, recently he even joined the SLT program! So, aside from contributing to his team from both the air and the ground, he will now also contribute to leading his team to victory, a job that he will undoubtedly perform to the same excellent standard as his helicopter and rifle skills. I can’t wait to see what PFC Friedrich will be up to at the next AOCC, but for now, we will just award him his third one! Congratulations!

Congrats PFC Friedrich! Already one year of east german memes, jeez …