One Year and Six Months of Service (William E. Bull)

Cpl. Sablon said:

PFC Bull is a one of a kind. He’s not only a damn good CE, but he is also a real life Marine, and in the 29th he embodied what it means to be both a great squad member and an even better Marine. He has had many hardships during his time here, but he persevered and pulled himself out of a dark place and made a name for himself in the squad, as a good friend and a great player, but sadly, all things must come to an end. Bull, you are a great person and myself and the rest of the squad wish you the best in your career in the Marines. Congratulations on receiving your 3rd AOCC and being with the unit for one year and six months. You ended on a high note, best of luck to you my friend, Semper Fi.


Bull, you’re one of the best guys I know here, and I consider you a very good friend, gonna miss you and I hope you have a great life man.

We’ll see you round, stay frosty. Semper Fi big sexy, next gyro is on me.

Congrats Bull, it’s a shame you’re leaving, but I’ll always remember our games of phasmophobia together!

Adios muchacho, see you in a week.

And with [Ret.] tags


my boy

Truly gonna miss ya man, you always made me laugh so hard, sometimes at innapropriate moments, but even in the short time I’ve been here and known you I consider you a friend, looking forward to you guesting as a Ret. and wish you great things in life and in your career as a irl Marine!

I’m gonna miss you man, come talk sometimes on TS! So glad for knowing you for 1 year and 6 months so far and best of luck for any feature endeavor!

You’re the man. Promise you next time I’m anywhere near the Southwest of the U I’ll come shoot your guns