One Year of Service (Alrikr K. Rose)

Cpl. J. Lee said:

Quick and proper with suggestions, PFC Rose boasts a keen eye for detail that has greatly benefitted DP2S1. Oftentimes, PFC Rose will offer potential solutions to the previous round’s setbacks. When the squad faces adversity, PFC Rose frequently dives into the fray, his stoic mindset allowing him to strike without hesitation. Many an offense has been successful due to PFC Rose’s initiative in flanking and providing cover through both fire and smoke. Congratulations, PFC Rose, on your first year in the unit! Your passion is clear, and I look forward to seeing how much more you accomplish!


Congratulations Rose!

Congrats, my fellow SMG appreciator!

Congratulations, Mr. Fuchsia!

Congrats Rose, glad to have you in the squad!

Very cool fellow Western Mass 29ther.


Very nice year Rose, happy birthday with the unit!!