One Year of Service (Andrs Hesse)

Sgt. Zylath said:

Have you ever walked away from someone you just met, thinking, “wow, what a guy, that dude has a personality the size of the Swiss Alps?” Maybe it’s just me, but I have that experience every time I interact with PFC Hesse. I’ve never met somebody who could make getting absolutely demolished by the enemy such an enjoyable experience. Hesse is a veritable font of joy in DP3S1. I’ve never heard this PFC once get angry or upset about anything. He truly embodies the virtue of fun for fun’s sake. And he’s a good shot too! Over the past six months, Hesse has been busy training as a combat engineer. He has attended nearly all of the CE Pathfinder classes, eager to learn from boom-boom veterans. As a result, we now rely on his RPG to disable enemy vehicles and his thumper to shell enemy fortifications. Just a few weeks ago, he earned his CE Marksman Badge, a great achievement for explosives specialist. I think a shiny is in order for how excellent his past six months have been, and I am sure that the next six will be just as fruitful. Congratulations Hesse.


Thank, I really do appreciete such charming welcome and reception.