One Year of Service(Arthur S. Leite)

Cpl. Officer said:

Arthur “Milk” Leite has come a long way since he first enlisted here at the 29th. His humble beginnings as a rifleman and medic has stuck with him all this time, and I’ve seen him get progressively better each drill. He looks for feedback to improve and critiques his own play to become a better squad member. He’s been the staple medic of the squad, keeping himself and his squad mates alive. You’ll often find him still alive mid to late in a round, regrouping to heal and make a final push to an objective. While not everyone enjoys his style of humor, I personally can’t help but chuckle at all the goofy stuff I’ve heard Milk say over the last year. Glad to have you here for a year Milk, keep it up you magnificent Brazilian son-of-a-gun, and you’ll have your next AoCC in no time.


Parabéns, mal posso esperar para vê-lo por aí ainda mais vezes!

Obrigado Page, espero continuar por muitos anos