One Year of Service (Austin D. Wallison)

Cpl. Zylath said:

What a year it has been! About one year before, I had just received my promotion to Corporal, and right around the same time, somebody named Private Wallison found his way into my squad. Sometimes, when a new member joins, you don’t know what exactly to think of them. This was not the case with Wallison. Sgt. Lord and I immediately knew that he would be somebody in DP3S1 someday. Wallison was my first experience rearing a member of SLT. From day one, he gave it his all. His infectious enthusiasm and good mood have not diminished in the least over the past year. He made SLT immediately after becoming a PFC. All of this before his first AOCC. Since then, things have only improved. Wallison became my ASL a few months back and earned himself his Corporal promotion. It’s difficult to outshine his first six months, but somehow his last six have managed the task. Wallison has had the best first year of anyone I’ve met in the 29th, and I’m certain the next year will be even better. Ever forward Wallison, keep barreling towards that rainbow with the same grandeur you’ve displayed so far.

Congratulations Cpl. Wallison and happy birthday with the unit!