One Year of Service (Bradley A. Steinbeck)

Sgt. Trembley said:

T/5 Steinbeck; top tier CE, "Meme"ber of FP1S2, and professional Monke. I have no idea how this guy has 100% attendance, 6 months sure but 1 year? It’s nearly unheard of! That must be the key to why no matter where you end up in second battalion people know his name. If you keep going the way you’re going I’ll have to fight SSgt Crane to keep you in FP1. Here’s to your first year in the 29th ! Keep milking the crewmen for all their tears and keeping me honest with my paperwork.

What a lad. Congratulations T/5!

You’ve accomplished a lot in your first year, keep it up T/5.