One Year of Service (Carson Jacob)

Cpl. Moran said:

PFC Jacob was here since the beginning, joining the ranks of the ever-mysterious EP5 with myself, then-Sgt. Mellinger, and Cpl. Maestas. Ever since then, we’ve seen his tenacity and aggression on the battlefield. His never-wavering determination to kill his enemies. Like many of us Neanderthals, the PFC elected to be an AR when the option was given to him; seeing it as a greater opportunity to kill even more enemies. He has since grown into his role, seeing it as much more than just kills on the scoreboard, but as an important role in a squad’s success. I’m happy to say he has filled that role splendidly here in Fox 2-2. However, We’re not here to commemorate his dakka-dakkaing, but his time served. The PFC has been here for a year now, earning him his 2nd AoCC! Congratulations PFC, I have no doubt we’ll see you in a year for that rainbow!


Congratulation on one year PFC, here’s to many more!

What a lad