One Year of Service (Clay D. Spenser)

Cpl. Lebedev said:

PFC Spenser is one of those guys that the enemy is scared of when he is playing. They know what he is capable of - even the lack of optics is no deterrent for the guy, as 300-meter headshots with iron sights is something that we have grown accustomed to seeing during drills. Thus, I congratulate this legend of a shooter with his 2nd AOCC. On to many more!

This guy is cracked, he probably cheats. Congratulations PFC Spenser!


S1 best one.

Ah yes, it is my favorite, fellow, Dutch x French man in the unit, congrats on a year!

Haha Spoonser funny

I just don’t know why, but I like Dutchmen very much, and he is one of those <3