One Year of Service (Cole Younger)

Cpl. McArdle said:

PFC Younger came into the end of dark ages, which was the time before the formation of FP2. Needless to say, he has been here for a fair bit of time and he has done a lot with this time. For one he was one of the founding members of FP2S1 and has remained a cornerstone in the squad. He is part of the reason why the squad was able to get the SUC this time around. PFC Younger also strives to get gud especially when it comes to his grenadier AIT and this can be seen by anyone who watches him guest drills. Even during the weeks leading up to the scrim, PFC Younger went out of his way to learn multiple gl spots to hit the ammo box objective. With that being said, it’s my honor to give this fine PFC his second AoCC! Congratulations PFC Younger on reaching a year, ill see you get that rainbow.