One Year of Service (Dylan Roberts)

Cpl. Winston said:

Over the past year, it has been a pleasure to watch PFC Roberts improve and participate both during and outside of drills. During drills, PFC Roberts is a consistently dependable combat engineer, who can leverage his tools in practically any scenario. Furthermore, PFC Roberts constantly guests other squads, meaning that he has directly taken part in helping other squads run their drills more smoothly. Also, PFC Roberts’ attitude is always impeccable, and he serves as an excellent role model for how a member of the 29th should act for 29thers with less experience. Therefore, congrats PFC Roberts on one year in the unit and I hope you stick around in DP2S1 for much longer!

A true gentleman

Man I remember when you were just a recruit. Time really does go by fast. Congrats on one year Roberts!!

Congrats on the one year, boom man.