One Year of Service (Gabriel A. Canales)

Sgt. Hamilton said:

PFC Canales is one of those rare guys that joined the 29th and immediately started making a name for himself. Through his guesting and willingness to take on a staff position, he quickly proved himself to be extremely valuable both in and out of game and solidified his spot in EP3S3. Along with becoming another in the long line of great ARs in EP3, he has also joined the ranks of EP3 ARs that went in to SLT, so, we expect a lot out of him. With everything Canales has accomplished so far, it’s kid of surprising that he’s just reached his 2nd AoCC. Congratulations Canales on your first year done in the 29th!

Glad to have you in my squad, Canales! Congrats on one year!

congrats, Canales!

Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Congrats Canales! Can’t wait to celebrate your double!

Thank you everyone @AlexDrinksWater @maplemarbles @Formosa and my squad, it is thanks to you that I want to be here and I have a ton of fun, learning a lot from cool people around here!