One Year of Service (George Bork)

Cpl. Winston said:

In the squad, few men can boast to have such an effective usage of their AIT as PFC Bork. As a first-class machine gunner, PFC Bork has established his skill and importance to the squad through his in-game efforts. For instance, his performances during our recent DBOTS matches have been essential to the success of the squad. Furthermore, PFC Bork’s long-lasting tenure in the 29th has established him as an important part of the squad through his presence as well as performance. One can always expect him to be here and also bring along his bright attitude with him, which has proven to be only beneficial to his fellow squad members. So congrats PFC Bork on being a part of the 29th for a whole year, and here’s to many more!


Congrats on one year Bork, you’re always a pleasure in the squad!