One Year of Service (George S. Lebedev)

Sgt. J. Wright said:

I gotten to know Lebedev through BCT, he was a young new Recruit who I thought I could annoy by asking if I am pronouncing Russian words correctly. He disappeared to EP1S2 under the great leadership of T4 Kardell and hadn’t heard from him since. When we moved to EP4 he was transferred to my squad. T/4 Kardell pulled me aside and said that Lebedev was probably one of the best guys in S2 and sadden to see him go. I took on what T4 Kardell said. His words weren’t in vain as Ledebev stepped up to the mark, Becoming one of the most reliable guys in S1, with great communication skills that applied not only on the battlefield but outside as well. He impressed me when chosen to lead a platoon round, he gave great orders, clear and simple. We won the round with an overwhelming victory. From this point, Lebedev has proven to be a great SLT member as I put him through some awkward situations and he exceeds greatly. I look forward to watching his 29th Career and can imagine he will go far. Well done on your AOCC