One Year of Service (Jack M. Page)

Cpl. McArdle said:

If you haven’t interacted or had a conversation with PFC Page then you are missing out. Throughout his time he has been a perfect squadmate that everyone in leadership hopes to get. He is a great rifleman and crewman in-game but he really shines when it comes to his personality. The amount of late-night conversations I had with this guy is crazy especially when we talk about our music interests and taste. He always brings a positive attitude to life and is always thinking of unique ideas and concepts. This well-rounded personality has also been seen in-game when it comes to his leadership style. His style is distinct and something that pulls positive results regularly. I can’t wait for the day he picks up a leadership spot in a squad because I know he will do great. He has done all of this in only a span of one year, kinda crazy in my opinion. With all of this being said, I’m glad to give PFC Page his second AoCC. Congrats on reaching your one year, I hope to see you get that rainbow in a year’s time!


Congratulations, PFC!

I already can’t wait to see more of you!