One Year of Service (Jal Calan)

Cpl. Hapers said:

Over the past couple of months I have had the privilege of seeing PFC Calan grow, both on the infantry side of things as his crewing abilities. He has become a stand-out member of EP1S2 and could always rely on the fact that he had our back in a vehicle (Either by penetrating it with a .50 or by clearing the way so we could move on) With this I would like to congratulate PFC Calan on his second AOCC as he has passted the big 12 months mark… Sadly however we cannot ask for much more at this time as Calan has been accepted into the Officer Candidate School for the USMC. I wish you the best of luck PFC and hope, if you ever find the time, that you think back of the 29th! Ever forward.


It’s great having you around, PFC Calan. I could only dream to be together with you in a squad again … Congratulations on your second AoCC!

Congratulations PFC!