One Year of Service (James R. Fletcher)

Cpl. Jonker said:

It was a year ago that I met PFC Fletcher. He got assigned to the same penal battalion as I in EP1S3. He managed to escape from that place and I was happily surprised to run into him at EP4S1 after my own successful escape from Shtrafniki. I remember him being a little bit reserved in the beginning when he had just joined. But his eye for detail and good game sense became evident even before he became a PFC. Fletcher’s opinions got him noticed though. He has entered SLT and has grown tremendously as a leader since then. It is aways fun to play games with you and I am glad you’re my ASL. To many more years within the 29th and congrats on your 2nd AOCC!

Congratulations PFC! Always a pleasure to PUB with you and play on the same team. Here’s to many more years.

Congratulations, PFC Fletcher!


cheers guys