One Year of Service (Jamie L. Smith)

Cpl. Baron said:

PFC Smith has now been with us a full year, and before this award is handed out his next AOCC might be due. He is our trusty rifleman and our irl Combat engineer. From the trusty L85A2 to the Kalash, he has always impressed us with his skills and his ability to stay calm in intense situations, I guess it comes with the job of disarming IEDs. Congratulations PFC on your 2nd AOCC and we hope to see many more!

I remember I think it was my second drill ep1s1 after rejoining the 29th. I had an automatic rifle and Smith gave me a crash course in how a spotter-mg team works. At one point I blind fired a wheat field on his direction and was credited a kill for that. Afterwards, we agreed that he deserved at least half a credit for that kill, though in my mind he should have gotten all of it. I think of this often when our squad’s automatic rifleman goes on a killing spree. Yah, good stuff, but you know, half of that is actually Smith.

Congratulations PFC, and thank you for giving me my first memorable moment after coming back to the unit.