One Year of Service (Koa D. Andersen)

Cpl. Winston said:

As one of the oldest members in the squad, PFC Andersen has become an integral part of DP2S1’s identity and image. PFC Andersen is also one of the most vocal members of the squad, with an ever-present willingness to offer advice to other squad members about performance or game knowledge. Furthermore, PFC Andersen excels at coordinating with teammates, which is essential to any drill. Andersen continues to make use of his talent for communication through his consistent presence outside of drills, where he can often be seen talking to other 29thers. He is also one of the most integral riflemen in the squad, and can always be depended on to complete any objective he sets his sights on. To conclude, PFC Andersen is not only one of the oldest of DP2S1 but also one of the most dependable, so congrats on your one year in the unit and your 2nd AOCC!


Happy Birthday Twin

Congrats, senhor Andersen!

Congratulations, propagator of 100ft waves!

Congrats Anderson, man of waves!

I hear Link still can’t find his rice cooker… o7!

Good man Andersen, happy birthday with the unit!