One Year of Service (Mikail Yilmaz)

Cpl. Steinbarth said:

It feels like I just yesterday wrote an AOCC for PFC Yilmaz, our very own tank killer. So yeah, it is now one year that our squad has had to enjoy the benefits of knowing that the enemy armor will be quickly dealt with, with utmost precision. But it also has been twelve months that we had to endure his ‘Zommer-Humor’ “jokes”, if we can call them jokes. So with that I congratulate the squad to have suffered through Yilmaz’ presence for an entire year, and to Yilmaz for his second AOCC.

Congratulations PFC, here’s to many more.

I love this guy, been my bud ever since he appeared in the 29th. So happy to have you in here man, congratulations!