One Year of Service (Nathaniel L. Agee)

PFC Jordan said:

It’s hard to believe that PFC Agee has only been a member of S3 for a year. He’s come a long way, taking up the role of the squad’s Combat Engineer. PFC Agee is an excellent member of S3 and I would say he has definitely made an impact with his positive outlook. Every time I meet PFC Agee, he is keeping that positive attitude and motivation, all the while carrying a flamethrower. With his new staff jobs and continuing positivity and motivation, PFC Agee has proven himself a valuable member of the 29th. Congratulations on the second AOCC and your first year of service! Keep up the good work, PFC Agee, and here’s to many more AOCC’s. We’re glad to have you as a part of S3.


Congratulations Agee!

A heck of a member and core of DP2S3, I see you filled in the shoes of Thompson quite nicely. Congratulations PFC!