One Year of Service (Rafail G. Skleros)

Sgt. McArdle said:

Skeletor is a fictional character in the Masters of the Universe franchise, unlike PFC Skleros who is a living breathing human being who can be found in FP2S1. It’s now been a year since he first arrived here in FP2S1 and I’m so grateful to have him. Unlike many of us here in 29th PFC Skleros has real-life experience working in the actual 29th Infantry Division. He has brought so many skills from his past experience and it shows in his performance in and out of the game. Out of all these skills one sticks out the most to me and that’s his drive for taking the initiative. He isn’t one to shy away from fulfilling the crucial role of a pointman. The number of times I have sent this man to his death bed are countless but without his help, the squad wouldn’t have won the number of times we did without him. With all of this said it’s my honor to award PFC Skleros with his second AoCC. Congratulations PFC Skleros on reaching your first year in the 29th!