One Year of Service (Rocco Rex)

Cpl. Fossi said:

PFC Rex joined DP1S3 back in July, he was land-leased to me by Sgt. Tilley and I hope that he isn’t too angry that I still keep him here with me. Although PFC Rex sometimes looses the fight against his clock and thus missing out some drills he nevertheless became a core part of the squad and when he is here, he always has some good feedback and some good skills to show to us. I guess time flies by rather fast as PFC Rex has been in the unit for exactly one year so that’s why we’ll be awarding him his 2nd AoCC, congratulations PFC Rex!

Congratulations PFC Rex!

Congrats, Rex!

Congratulations PFC! Pleasure to have you in the squad!

Congrats Rex!!!

Good to see your first year with the unit! You’re always welcomed in DP2 as well