Posting Rules

The rules of this board are simple:

  1. Follow the proper directions to request to be unbanned. This can be settled in the Ban Dispute Sub-Forum. Failure to comply to this condition may result in the opposite affect of your request.
  2. Do not post a reason why you can’t make a day for our Basic Combat Training. Again, this can be handled through the PM system. Find out which Liaison has been assigned to you, and talk to him/her.
  3. Do not make threads for “chit-chat”. No “hi, whats up” funny business. Use PMs or profile comments.
  4. If you are a Liaison or Unit Commander, feel free to post your Unit information maturely and respectfully in the appropriate [Public Relations] board, the 29th Infantry Division welcomes you to do so. We always love to hear from our community members.
  5. Do not ask us why our server or forums are down. Again, if you really need to know, PM someone. Preferably a high ranking member.
  6. Do not ask the entire public what happens after Basic Combat Training, or anything relating to Basic Combat Training. This can be done by PMing the person who accepted or denied your enlistment, and you can also, like rule #2, talk to your Liaison about it.
  7. Do not use the main thread to challenge us to a scrimmage. Post in the appropriate [Public Relations] section and you will be contacted.
  8. Respect everyone on the forums.
  9. Do not start topics to flame people.
  10. If a thread you made was locked do not start another thread with the same content and/or subject.
  11. Post in the correct threads. Check to see if there is a thread already created before creating a new one.
  12. Offensive language and images are not tolerated.
  13. Threads created for debating political or religious topics are strictly forbidden.