Question about Enlisting and BCT

Hi there, been looking into getting Squad for a while now, and came across the 29th Infantry Division. I looked at the enlistment process, and saw that BCT sessions occur at 7pm GMT and 7pm EST from Sunday to Thursday.

Are these the only times? Because I work at as fast food restaurant in real life, and don’t exactly have a consistent shift pattern, and usually work during the time of 7pm GMT, and sometimes leave work at 7pm EST.

Many thanks for reading,
-Dylan “Oceanus” Perryman

Hello Dylan,

We have BCT sessions at the following times in GMT:

  • 7-8pm Sunday - Thursday
  • 12am-1am Sunday - Thursday
  • 2am-3am Sunday - Thursday

Whilst your attendance of these five sessions is important, we understand if you need to miss a session or two. If you have any more questions feel free to reply to this thread.

Many thanks,
T/5 Grissom
Senior Enlistment Clerk

Yes those are the times. If you can work it to get the times off from work just for that week of but you’d be squared away as the times for drills 8 pm est and after or 2 pm and 3pm est. But it’s a set schedule for drills times.

Hi Corporal Grissom,

Are able to mix and match which time ones you attend during BCT? Because sometimes I’m not able to do 7-8, but could do 12-1, but other times I wouldn’t be able to do 7-8 or 12-1, but could do 2-3.

Also, is that proper GMT, or adjusted for BST, but still referred to as GMT?

Many thanks for reading,
-Dylan “Oceanus” Perryman


My work schedule got uploaded a few minutes ago, and it turns out my work schedule has lined up perfectly for me to be able to attend every 7-8pm BCT next week. How quick is it to be accepted when I enlist? Because it might not line up that perfect again for a while.

Many thanks for reading,
-Dylan “Oceanus” Perryman

Sorry, it’s BST times listed above.

If you enlist now, we can slide you in for this Sunday to Thursday.

Awesome! I’ll grab the game and enlist once it’s downloaded and set up the in-game name stuff!

Thanks for your help Corporal Grissom!