Question about most needed roles

Hello im currently a recruit who isnt approved yet so meanwhile im waiting for approval i wanted to start being a bit active to show initiation and ask what the most needed role is other than a medic, been thinking about being a crewman, squad lead, sniper or a machine gunner but i keep wondering if those roles are all mainly filled positions and how it works around here

ty for any reply and for taking the time to read this : )

First off, congrats on your enlistment! We are glad to have you with us.

When you are put into a squad, you are going to start out with no AIT (Advanced Individual Training) which is in order to acclimate you to the squad and after all, everyone should be proficient with a rifle.

Then, after you have shown that you are competent, you can begin training with additional AITs which will be dependent upon the needs of your individual squad. Some squads need more crewman, some need a grenadier, etc.

“Choosing” an AIT now likely isn’t the best use of your time, you would be much better served practicing your marksmanship in a server.

Adding on to Cpl. Knife’s point, choosing an AIT other than rifle isn’t always the option best suited for everyone. Riflemen are the heart and soul of a squad, and becoming proficient in the use of your rifle can be just as useful as a machine gunner or grenadier.

Some AITs you mentioned, like medic and the Squad Lead kit, fall under the rifleman AIT in Second Battalion. These allow much diversity and versatility for the rifle AIT. Some AITs you listed, like actually leading a squad and the sniper AIT require much more time and hard work.

Sticking with the rifle and becoming as deadly and as team-oriented as you can be is a great starting point.

Good luck with your enlistment!

Absolutely, many of the most feared soldiers in our game(RS2) are rifleman. Incredibly proficient rifleman who we routinely dread 1v1, and celebrate our luck if we ever manage to best them once every 15 battles or so.

If I’m being honest, most times we DO kill them, its when WE surprise them which goes back to the main point of being a competent rifleman.

Thank you guys for the tips sounds interesting, in my opinion i am already proficient as a rifleman but we will see maybe il get humbled on my first day with you, already am hyped for whats to come, im only thinking about a specific AIT so that i can start mastering it and like PFC MacNevin said it takes time and hard work and as a former squad lead and platoon lead from a different unit (and a different game) i already earned the experience of having that struggle thats why im looking forward to starting it all over again with you guys