Rate What The Person Above You Is Listening To

4/10 - I’m not into rap to begin with, especially not when I can’t understand the lyrics.

Porcupine Tree - “Blackest Eyes”

Maybe I’ll revive the thread with this… who knows?

8/10 - Reminds me of various bands compiled together, but one of them being Pearl Jam for whatever reason. Either way, I like it!

flipturn - August

8/10 - Nice. The riffs fits my ears just right.

Been into Japanese metal scenes recently and this stuck me.
Aldious - Dominator

7/10 - I like the instruments, good vibes.

I started listening to all the Halo series music; most of them reminded me of my childhood. I picked one that wasn’t too cliche.

Halo Reach Soundtrack - (New Alexandria) Escorting An Old Friend

I’ll join in on this since I just saw it.

7.5/10 - Brings me back to my high school days and gets the blood pumping.

My choice of song will have to be a bop from a local artist (though he’s apparently big on Tiktok).

Connor Price - Globe Cypher

9/10 - I don’t like rap very much but that is probably some of the better modern rap I’ve heard.

I love Julian Casablancas so I think I’ll put some of The Strokes’ newer music here!

8/10 - Pretty chill music, like the riff it has going on. Ideal for the end of a party.

Some power metal from me, I stumbled upon this group completely by random while on Spotify.
A banger of a chorus & really nice vocals in my opinion. Shame they only lasted until 2008 & only have 4 albums.

Dionysus - Anima Mundi

8/10 for

I’d probably give it more if it weren’t for the gloomy day in Denmark. We’re just missing thunders and this would be great as a soundtrack.

Some unplugged raggae session in the Parisian metro. Stay safe out there. Jah love!

9/10 nothing like a good husker. sounds like great driving music.

This is less of a song and more of a spoken word poem that always touched my soul. To this day some lines still bring a tear to my eye. As the message of the song says, its okay to have some bumps along the way. At the end of the day the things we learn are worth the trouble of learning them. When everything collapses, its not the end of the world. Hope everyone is being kind to themselves.

10/10 Heavy, impactful, and coincidentally similar to what i last listened to. One of my guys other track Hi - Ren, has me in tears every time at the line “Im the voice you hear when you loosen the nose on the rope.” I was captivated by your post, never would of heard it otherwise.

10/10 If you asked this guy who his inspiration in rap is i bet he would say MF Doom and it shows.

In the same vein, i like this guy quite a bit.

6/10 - One of the better rap tunes I’ve heard.

Good Charlotte - “I Just Wanna Live”

8/10 Good Charlotte one of my fav bands, better tracks of theirs out there tho.

You Me at Six - Lived a lie


7/10, sounds like the stuff i used to listen to in public rec centres as a kid, and that is damn sure not a bad thing. Good vibes and energy.

The Tragically Hip is seldom known elsewhere in the world, they’re Canadian legends. This song is about a real prison break that happened in Ontario. I’d also recommend Little Bones for a more cheerful song.

8/10, Great tune, excellent folktale style song. Could see this being a big karaoke hit, which may lead me to try out next time I do karaoke.

Have a cover of the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by the Headstones.

7.5/10 Interesting lyrics, but the sound is not my cup of tea.

Show Me a Dinosaur - Red River. Let the river flow flood your thoughts and emotions

7/10 - Generally not a fan of such long instrumentals if I have to pay attention to it, but it kept things interesting enough to not score it lower.

Radiohead - Paranoid Android

(From their legendary 1997 album OK Computer.)

8/10 - Great song. I especially like the calmer parts, the rock ones are not as much what I would listen to.


Loved it, had to translate the song but it’s such a vibe
I Wish I Was by the Stickman Project
Here’s mine

7/10 - Very nice and calm vibe

Baby Come Back - Player

(love this one for relaxing and unwinding)