realism, looking for assistance.


Im looking to get further info on your unit, I played for a 29th id unit back in day of defeat a long time ago. I was looking to get info on your unit and to see if its something i am able to keep up with again. Its been a long time since i have played with a realism unit so any info is helpful. I do have arma 3 so that would most likly be the game i would play on. I am very new to arma 3 so it would be a whole learning ecperince from the start. Again any info is greatly appreciated sorry if this is the wrong forum area. I will check my pms if thats prefered way to respond. Thank you NCMS_jtrain

Hey there!

Great to see your interested in the 29th Infantry Division. Follow the steps here to enlist: 29th Infantry Division - A realism unit

If you have any questions feel free to PM me on steam (Steam Community :: MacMillan [29th ID])

PFC MacMillan

Furthermore if anyone is from day of defeat era this is Nourse


I was in the 28th Infantry Division unit in Day of Defeat: Source. If your experience in the 29th was anything like mine in the 28th I can assure you overall, the experience in this unit is fairly similar.; in that it is a group of people who like to roleplay and want a less “arcadey” and more coordinated in game experience. I don’t know what sort of numbers yall had back then, but this unit is massive compared to what we had, which practically and simply means there’s more hands on deck to help each other out.

I have no doubt the men and women you would be stationed with throughout your ARMA deployment would be more than happy to help you along the way. Please feel free to PM me if you any questions about the inner workings of the unit etc. Though keep in mind I have only been with the unit for about 3 months, so it’s mostly first impressions.