Screenshots taken while in-game.

And the drill started so nice.

Preparing for an attack during EP1 drill.

no context needed

EP2 Drill while back

Moran learns how to fly

PFC Thompson showcasing a Thompson

The survivors of today’s SOG Mike Force fights, after an heroic extraction

And some of the participants of this chaotic and fun experience.

I can’t wait for more of that action!
Ever Forward!

I’ll add to that Mike Force screenshot drop!
Thanks to T/5 Murray for that first and last shot!

Merry Christmas from FP2S1, hope you guys have a wonderful christmas

Random Arma SS dump:

“Hickock 45 here”

Cruisin’ GRC

29th Custom uniforms: Dress, 29th OCP vs RHS Standard OCP

Hand grenade practice range c. 2018

A-10 Thunderbolt II

Some old screenshots from RS2

Cpl. Lebedev with the best position

The moment when I thought I found a decent spot