Seven Years and Six Months of Service (Clint P. Simpson)

Cpl. Jordan said:

T/5 Simpson has been with S3 for a long time, and has remained one of the core members of the squad in my eyes ever since I joined. A knowledgeable and expert rifleman, Simpson is a capable and core member of our team and works in fascinating skirmish style with his M16 or M14. Taking out enemies from afar, it’s rare to see a shot that is missed. If I was asked to define perfect skirmishing tactics, I would point to T/5 Simpson. Furthermore, if you’re having issues with the game out of the blue, he’s glad to help you out in short order. He has stood tall like an oak tree overlooking our squad ever since he left his Able days behind and decided to be just a great guy to hang out with and a veteran sniper to be fearful of in S3. I’m glad to see the milestone of an amazing seven years and six months of service! Congratulations, T/5, and here’s to many more!


Happy birthday T/5 Simpson! Congratulations

Best rifleman I’ve ever known! Happy birthday!

Taught me so much about the SDK and about being professional. Thanks Broham! After 7.5 years, I can’t have been the only one you’ve helped.

The first memory I have of you is a video of you in Able being the platoon sniper but missed all the shots xD

Glad you’re still with us old man, we’re lucky to have ya

That’s one hell of an achievement, an inspiration to anyone new and old! Congrats!

Congrats old friend you are the only squad mate that’s still here from AP2S1

Damn 7 1/2 years, thats awesome!

Seven years awards is really impresive! Congrats T/5 and lets go for more!