Six Months of Service (Amar N. Selimspahic)

PFC Suárez said:

A definition of him could be “a good guy” someone reliable, not only for in-game needs but also as someone trust worthy, something that not many people can achieve. Always up to the joke but when needed, on the top 5 ranking of the most serious persons I’ve met here even at his young age, definitely something great to see. One of the points of succeed in a squad is the reliability and capability to obey orders with strength, PFC Selimspahic is first in line to achieve that even having too confident with other squads and having had a disciplinary issue I’m sure he has learned about. Now for the squad is something in the past and that now is used as a good inner joke. Definitely someone in the squad has good eyes and is reliable. These six months have been like a mountain for him, maybe I’ve been too tough on him but I’m sure he will thank me for this in the future. For many more to come PFC Selimspahic, use your rank wisely now that you have it!!!