Six Months of Service (Arthur S. Leite)

Cpl. McArdle said:

PFC Leite, or better known as Milk, has been an extraordinary addition to the squad. He was one of the first Pvts. to really stick with the squad and has been a mainstay ever since. Ever since joining the squad, he has stuck with the medic kit so it is my honor to give him the title I use to hold being the master of bandages, lord of the first aid kit. He is one of those guys I can trust to communicate and follow orders. He also isn’t hesitant to picking up leadership when it goes down. If you haven’t already PFC Leite is a delight to talk to. He can be seen chatting up a storm about his job or anything that comes to mind when he is in teamspeak. With all of that said it’s my pleasure to award PFC Leite his 1st AoCC! Congratulations PFC Leite on reaching six months!


Congratulations on your first AoCC PFC, hope to see you around for many more to come!

Nice work milk man

Thanks everyone, its an honor to recieve this. Hopefully this is one of many to come