Six Months of Service (Aydin A. East)

Cpl. Winston said:

PFC East has made an excellent addition to the squad not only during drills but also outside of them. During drill times, PFC East is an extremely reliable rifleman whose skills can be relied upon in practically any situation. Furthermore, PFC East’s game knowledge has seen a noticeable increase since he joined the unit, such as his knowledge of custom and vanilla maps. Outside of drills, PFC East participates through guesting as well as playing games with 29th members, which not only benefits his reputation but also the reputation of the squad as a whole. To conclude, PFC East has demonstrated excellent rifle skills, a growing repertoire of in-game knowledge, and a willingness to be part of the 29th outside of mandatory drill times. So congrats PFC East on six months of service and your first AOCC, and here’s to many more!


Nice first milestone! Hope you stick around

Congrats PFC East, we love having you in the squad!