Six Months of Service (Chris Brown)

Cpl. Steinbarth said:

I first met PFC Brown back in BCT with Sgt J. Wright who was happy that he finally had a fellow UK citizen with a pronouncable name. So he made sure to get him in our squad, back then EP1S4, there PFC Brown became a reliable rifleman and a core member of our squad, but he thought it would be particularly funny to prank us, by pretending to leave us for the new platoon, that was created in march, only to return home to our squad one week later. I can say that we are all happy that he rejoined us so quickly and we hope he won’t leave us again. Congrats for staying with us for 6 months, PFC Brown.


What a gift it is to have you in our squad. Thank you for sticking with us for 6 months and I hope to see you around for many more AOCCs to come!

Pleasure is mine lads

cheers mate