Six Months of Service (Chris Inari)

Cpl. Bukey said:

PFC Inari has been the best kind of squad member everybody hopes to have in the 29th. He has not only been somebody you want around for their personality but somebody that’s exceptionally useful. Inari is always willing to do whatever is needed to help the squad. He’ll drive a vehicle, use a mortar, follow somebody around to supply ammo, and even charge to his death. He does all these things and more with a positive attitude, and you never have to doubt that he’ll be carrying out the last order you gave him with a strong sense of duty. When you don’t give Inari specific orders, he goes around and shoots people. He usually tells you where they are because he has great communication, and then he shoots them. Inari is as skilled with the rifle as many are with their AIT, and it will be exciting to see how much deadlier he can get the longer he’s here. Thanks for helping to make EP3S1 a great group!