Six Months of Service (Enis Grcic)

Cpl. Jergulson said:

It has now been just over 6 months since the pitter-patter of a young private’s feets first began running through the illustrious halls of the 29th. Never has time passed so fast since then. This soldier became recognized almost immediately by HQs as G-Dog. The nickname perhaps due to the consonant soup PFC Grcic calls his name, but getting noticed at all is for standing out early as a talented rifleman. This soldier helped set a standard for high attendance, quickly advanced to PFC, took on several staff roles, and is currently scaring all of us with his AR AIT. I am tremendously glad, nay, proud to have him in our squad. Congratulations on your first AOCC Grcic, may there by many more!

I still remember the sweet and innocent Pvt. G-Dog :frowning: Congratulations on 6 months my friend.