Six Months of Service (Hunter L. Neilson)

Cpl. Bukey said:

PFC Neilson has reached a milestone in his 29th career that many would be forgiven for thinking had occurred long ago. Nielson has developed into a veteran member of a fairly new EP3S1 group, and his impact on the 29th as a whole extends beyond his squad. Whether he’s helping in BCT or boosting the lethality of a guest squad, he has put in the time and effort to make his name known. There are many notorious ARs that members of the 29th think of as they are opened up on or suppressed. There’s a list of deadly individuals that pop into one’s head when they hear a distant burst and see their friend wiped off the map. There’s no doubt in my mind that PFC Neilson has begun to find himself on those lists, and he’ll continue to be noticed by many more as they check the scoreboard to see who their opposition is. Congratulations, Neilson! I hope to hear you call out your victims in our drills for many more AoCCs.