Six Months of Service (James R. Fletcher)

Sgt. J. Wright said:

PFC Fletcher has been here for six months now and it feels like he’s been here longer. I got to meet the young lad in BCT, he was impressive with his Rifleman skills and when he graduated he kept the high performance up. He decided to go with AR and with the AIT he quickly picked it up and dominated the battlefield. He would sometimes Guest S4 drills when he was S3 and I would be annoyed that he was on the other team, knowing he’ll do a lot of damage. When EP4 was formed and I saw that he made the cut to be in my squad. I was glad to have the AR man who was annoying my guys back in EP1S4 to be annoying the guests who decided to come to our drills.

Congrats, thanks for sticking around.

Let’s get these numbers up