Six Months of Service (Kanneganti S. Jagan)

Sgt. Fossi said:

You might have heard from Pvt. Jagan by now. Since day one Pvt. Jagan has been a friendly face and integrated into S3 very fast. Even though new to RS2 he is a quick learner who is doing everything in his hands to improve his gameplay to support himself and his squad. Pvt. Jagan can be regularly seen at pub sessions both in RS2 and other games where he does his best to live DP1’s culture in and out. A while ago he had to step back for a month due to other obligations, but has recently returned with full commitment and he continues to impress both me and PFC Sklepek with his nice attitude. All of this he has done in the past six months, so we are going to award him his 1st AoCC, congratulations on your milestone Pvt. Jagan and I hope to see more of these!