Six Months of Service (Luka N. Lazarevic)

Cpl. Devseli said:

[ am pretty sure everyone has at least played a puzzle game once in their life. While you are doing a puzzle. There are pieces that fit and don’t fit. Sometimes it takes some time for you to figure out if the piece fits there. PFC Lazarevic’s 29th story started a little bit rough. He could not attend so much drills at the beginning due to his exams. But then they finished and after that moment. He clicked with our squad just like the missing piece of a puzzle. Always aiming forward and working together with his squad mates, always high on morale. Even though he has been with us for 6 months. He feels like a member who has been with us for more than a year. Hopefully we will celebrate those times together as well PFC Lazarevic. But today we celebrate your 1st AOCC congratulations ! To many more gent, glad to have you with us !

It’s been great having you for a while now PFC Lazarevic! Congratulations on your first AoCC and hope to see you for many more!

6 Months already? Very nice!

Congrats on six months PFC!